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Firi welcomes Mohamad Houri as Head of Growth

Mohamad Houri for Norwegian crypto exchange Firi

(Oslo, December 10, 2021): Norwegian crypto exchange Firi (formerly MiraiEx) hires Mohamad Houri as Head of Growth. As a "Growth Hacker", Houri has previously helped companies grow their revenues from 0 to over 100 million Norwegian kroner in less than a year.

Firi has already experienced an explosive growth in 2021, and with Houri joining the team, the crypto exchange will ensure that this journey continues.

Houri has over ten years of experience from e-commerce and is now leaving a position as Head of Growth in the Estonian company Viceroy Group. In August 2020, following the explosion in Beirut, he left Lebanon with his family, and they have lived in Estonia since.

Houri holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Lebanese International University.

- Prior to the corona pandemic, I worked as Head of Growth in two different companies, both Viceroy Group and Eckho Limited. I worked remote from Lebanon, but after witnessing the destruction of my city, I realized that it was no longer safe to raise my daughter there, Houri says.

Over the New Year, Houri and his family will move to Oslo, where Mohamad will lead Firi's growth team from their offices at Aker Brygge.

- I enter Firi with a "growth-hacking mindset", and hope that I can help the company increase its further growth in the most effective ways. I was not really looking for a new job, because I thrive in Viceroy, but I have a great interest in crypto and also a lot of faith in Firi, so I could not refuse the offer to join the team, he says.

Firi's Chief Operating Officer, Marius Blaker Høgevold, is pleased with the new addition to the team, and predicts that Houri will be central in the work towards reaching new heights.

- We are proud to attract Mohamad as Head of Growth. He has broad, international experience from marketing and growth with very convincing results. Also, he is an above average nice guy. With Mohamad on the team, we are better equipped than ever to reach the goal of 500,000 customers during 2022.

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