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Photo of surveillance camera

Surveillance vs. privacy in the crypto space

There is a polarization between those who argue against centralization and surveillance, and those who welcome regulation in the crypto space


DAO. An organization without centralized management.

Read about the concept of DAO, and why it is an important innovation within the crypto world.

cryptocurrency from Firi

Cryptocurrency for dummies

Cryptocurrency for dummies: In this article, we answer common questions about cryptocurrency.


How to buy cryptocurrency for the first time - a guide

How to buy cryptocurrency? This is a guide for you who will try to buy and sell cryptocurrency for the first time.

The history behind cryptocurrency

The history behind cryptocurrency

The story of cryptocurrency - An incredible journey from Bitcoin to NFTsRead and learn more here.

Etherscan blockchain explorer (block explorer)

What is a blockchain explorer?

Read on to learn what a blockchain explorer is and what you can use it for. You will also find a list of different blockchain explorers (Block explorer) here.

Cryptocurrencies available on firi: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, XRP

How Firi chooses which new cryptocurrencies to list

We often get requests for new coins. Here, you can read about how Firi determines whether or not to list new cryptocurrencies.

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency

How does crypto work? - Myths and misconceptions about cryptocurrency

How does cryptocurrency work? In this blog post, we discuss the various myths and misconceptions surrounding cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin.

NFT and smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain. Illustration by Øyvind Fjørtoft

What is an NFT? - Everything you need to know

What is NFT? Why are people willing to pay millions for a JPEG of a penguin or a rock? What is this new "crypto art"?

what is blockchain technology

What is blockchain technology? Blockchain for dummies

What is blockchain technology and how does it work? Read this “blockchain for dummies” guide.

bitcoin coins

Taproot - Largest Bitcoin update in four years

It’s finally here – long-awaited Bitcoin upgrade, Taproot, has just launched.

Firi støtter årets TV-aksjon

Children, not brides: Give cryptocurrency to this year's "TV Aksjon"

Through Firi, you can donate bitcoin to the TV campaign. The collection goes to Plan's work to combat child marriage.

Woman who has good experience with Firi and feels safe with investing in crypto

More than 170,000 Norwegians have experience with buying and selling cryptocurrencies: And investing through a Norwegian service feels secure

In recent years, more and more Norwegians have begun to invest in cryptocurrency through Norway’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Firi. One of them is Jasmin Eileen Stafseth (23) who lives in Oslo and studies HR and Management.

Trading Firi, cryptocurrency trading, crypto trading

Guide to trading cryptocurrency

Many people have become rich trading cryptocurrency, but it requires knowledge, guts and a small dose of luck. Read more about cryptotrading here.

Firi kryptovaluta og graf. Illustrasjon av Øyvind Fjørtoft

What is cryptocurrency?

Learn what cryptocurrency really is and how it relates to blockchain technology. Get it explained in a simple way through our article.

Young lady at desk with laptop investing in cryptocurrency

No pay for five months: This is how she chose to invest

Jasmin Eileen (22) was placed on unpaid furlough because of coronavirus. “How can I invest and save money without really having that much to live on?”

Firi crypto exchange

Trading cryptocurrency at Firi is more affordable than most people think

When trading cryptocurrency, you often look for a cryptocurrency exchange with low fees. At Firi, it is the customers who control the price and there are neither invisible fees nor currency surcharges.

informasjon om innskudd til Firi-konto

What to do if your deposit has not been credited

In this post we will give you more information about bank transfers, as well as our best deposit tips.

man with phone checking Firi

Happy that he dared to join the crypto space: - I have never regretted this decision

Ole sat on the fence for a long time before he dared to invest in cryptocurrency. Then, a new, safe Norwegian crypto exchange was launched.