Firi støtter årets TV-aksjon

Children, not brides: Give cryptocurrency to this year's "TV Aksjon"

Through Firi, you can from tomorrow donate cryptocurrency to the TV campaign. The collection goes to Plan's work to combat child marriage.

Read about what the money is used for on Plans websited here.

- We at Firi greatly appreciate that we get the opportunity to contribute to such an important charity as the TV campaign. It is fantastic that cryptocurrency opens up new opportunities for how to collect and donate money to good causes. We have experienced that the Norwegian crypto community is very generous and committed, so we hope for a good result, says general manager of Firi, Thuc Hoang.

Every three seconds, a girl is married off somewhere in the world. Firi will help to counteract this. On Sunday 24 October, the TV campaign's gay bearers will go on this year's most important Sunday trip. From tomorrow, October 15, you can also donate cryptocurrency through the Firi app. Firi will exchange the cryptocurrency for Norwegian kroner at the end of the campaign, and give the gift to the TV campaign.

- This is so cool! We like new pay-in channels, and are so happy that good people in Firi are also helping to raise money for Plan's work to fight child marriage, says Christina Johnsen, who is the revenue manager for the TV campaign NRK Plan.

The consequences of child marriage are great. Girls lose both the right to decide over their own lives and bodies and the opportunity to go to school. Furthermore, child marriage slows down development and perpetuates poverty, and the risk of violence and abuse increases. You can read more about what the money from this years "TV-aksjon" goes to here.

Thank you so much for helping us support the TV campaign and Plan.

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