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The largest crypto exchange in the Nordics

Everyone wants financial freedom and the opportunity to shape the future.

200,000 people in the Nordics choose Firi to invest in cryptocurrency. What are you waiting for?

Tax calculator

Let us help you with your crypto taxes

How do I calculate tax on cryptocurrency? How much tax should I pay on my crypto? These are important but complicated questions. Fortunately, Firi can make this easy for you. Use our tax calculator for free!

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CEO Thuc Hoang i Firi

Finally, crypto is for everyone

We long for a crypto world where everyone is welcome.

We therefore work continuously to create innovative solutions to make investing in cryptocurrency accessible and engaging for everyone.

Thuc Hoang, CEO of Firi

Crypto saving

Crypto Savings

Are you saving money to travel? To buy a new apartment? A puppy? Or to retire? Start saving today with our new savings plan.

Invest a certain amount each month in your preferred cryptocurrency, and track the development of your investment.

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What is cryptocurrency staking?

What is cryptocurrency staking? How does it work? What are the benefits of staking cryptocurrency? Get a quick rundown of everything you need to know about staking in this article.

What is crypto saving?

With our new service “Kryptosparing” (crypto-saving), you can easily set up a savings plan based on dollar cost averaging, perfect for long-term investment in cryptocurrency.

How to buy cryptocurrency for the first time - a guide

How to buy cryptocurrency? This is a guide for you who will try to buy and sell cryptocurrency for the first time.

How to get started investing in crypto safely and easily

Curious about how you can invest in cryptocurrency? At Firi, we have the most popular currencies and you can start investing in crypto with us fast!