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Why Firi Celebrates and Supports Pride

As we speak, the country is being decorated with the colors of the rainbow, and we are proud to be celebrating Pride. One of the fundamental values of our company is diversity, so it’s particularly important for us to actively show solidarity and stand up for LGBTIQ rights. Besides, we never say no to a party celebrating love!

Fees on ETH and Bitcoin

Low fees with Firi: We are halving our fee for withdrawing cryptocurrency (BTC and ETH)

To allow you to trade cryptocurrency for a low fee, we are now halving our fees for withdrawing bitcoin and ether. Making it cheaper for you to trade crypto

informasjon om innskudd til Firi-konto

What to do if your deposit has not been credited

In this post we will give you more information about bank transfers, as well as our best deposit tips.

Picture of Maren who shares her experiences with cryptocurrency

Long-term investment in cryptocurrency

We at Firi believe that cryptocurrency is the currency of the future, suitable for savings and investment. This is how Maren decided that buying cryptocurrency for long-term investment was the best thing for her.

Illustration of Solana coins on phone

What is Solana (SOL)?

The purpose of this article is to give you a simple but thorough overview of what Solana (SOL) is and how Solana works.

Firi kryptovaluta og graf. Illustrasjon av Øyvind Fjørtoft

What is cryptocurrency?

Learn what cryptocurrency really is and how it relates to blockchain technology. Get it explained in a simple way through our article.

informasjon om innskudd til Firi-konto

What to do if your deposit has not been credited

In this post we will give you more information about bank transfers, as well as our best deposit tips.

Firi's crypto tax calculation

How to calculate tax on cryptocurrencies

To make it simpler for you to calculate your cryptocurrency taxes, we have done tax calculation for all customers who have traded with us in 2021. Now you can easily get your calculations of income, profit and loss (and wealth, for Norwegian customers), and enter into your tax return.

Fireblocks x Firi

Firi enlists new custody technology partner, Fireblocks

Norway-based cryptocurrency exchange Firi wants to make it even easier and safer for Nordic customers to trade cryptocurrencies, and has therefore chosen Fireblocks as their digital asset infrastructure.

bitcoin coins

Taproot - Largest Bitcoin update in four years

It’s finally here – long-awaited Bitcoin upgrade, Taproot, has just launched.

Crypto Saving with the Firi app

New! Crypto Saving with cryptocurrency purchased automatically

Firi is launching Crypto Saving - a product that makes it even safer, easier and more engaging to buy cryptocurrency and invest long-term.

Firi crypto exchange

Trading cryptocurrency at Firi is more affordable than most people think

When trading cryptocurrency, you often look for a cryptocurrency exchange with low fees. At Firi, it is the customers who control the price and there are neither invisible fees nor currency surcharges.

An upset woman

Safe trading with Firi - Together we detect fraud

To ensure safe trading with Firi, we investigate all suspicious deposits. At the same time, we warn against attempted fraud, which unfortunately can occur.

Trading Firi, cryptocurrency trading, crypto trading

Guide to trading cryptocurrency

Many people have become rich trading cryptocurrency, but it requires knowledge, guts and a small dose of luck. Read more about cryptotrading here.

The Bitcoin cryptocurrency

How does crypto work? - Myths and misconceptions about cryptocurrency

How does cryptocurrency work? In this blog post, we discuss the various myths and misconceptions surrounding cryptocurrency, especially Bitcoin.

cardano ada logo

Now you can finally buy cardano (ADA) on Firi

Now you can finally buy Cardano (ADA) on the biggest crypto exchange in the Nordics.

Firi støtter årets TV-aksjon

Children, not brides: Give cryptocurrency to this year's "TV Aksjon"

Through Firi, you can donate bitcoin to the TV campaign. The collection goes to Plan's work to combat child marriage.

Image showing the transfer of cryptocurrency

How to transfer cryptocurrency from other platforms to Firi

Do you want to transfer cryptocurrency from another platform to your Firi account? Read more about how you can proceed here.