informasjon om innskudd til Firi-konto

What to do if your deposit has not been credited

"Why hasn't my deposit been credited to my Firi account yet?" This is the most frequently asked question to our support and on social media. In this post we will give you more information about bank transfers, as well as our best deposit tips.

Firis most effective deposit solution: Open banking

These are bank deposits that have been made directly with us with a payment solution from Neonomics. To use our open banking solution, your bank must support this. You check this by searching for your bank under Deposits. How to get here:

Transfers -> Bank transfer -> Deposits -> Search for your bank

How long does a deposit usually take?

Bank deposits made directly with us with a payment solution from Neonomics will usually be received after one working day. Still, the day and time you deposit money will play a role in how quickly you will receive the deposit. Here is an overview of the different scenarios:

You make a deposit on a weekday before 14:00:

  • The deposit is usually received the next working day.

You make a deposit on a weekday after 14:00:

  • The deposit is usually received the morning after the following working day. This means that if you make a deposit at 16:00 on a Monday, then you will usually receive the deposit on Wednesday morning.

You make a deposit between Friday afternoon and Sunday:

  • The deposit is usually received on Tuesday morning.

You make a deposit on a public holiday, in this case the 2nd day of Easter, which is a Monday:

  • The deposit is usually received on Wednesday morning.

We will receive information about your transaction immediately, but the actual payment will not necessarily take place at the same time. This is because different banks have x number of settlements per working day, and your payment will wait until the next settlement. When your bank has done its job, our bank will process the transfer, and you will then receive the deposit.

Manual bank transfer to Firi

If your bank does not support our open banking solution, then you can make a manual bank transfer. Here you have to log in to your online bank and make a regular payment from there to Firi. You can find Firi's account information when you select "Manual transfer":

Transfers -> Bank transfer -> Deposits -> Manual transfer

Why does this usually take a little longer than our open banking solution?

Unlike transfer with our open banking solution, we do not receive transaction information immediately when you transfer manually. We have to wait for this information from your bank, which usually arrives the working day after you deposit money. Once our bank has received this information, you will receive the deposit.

Why does your bank not support our open banking solution?

Not all banks and accounts support the PSD2 Directive * yet. You are welcome to talk to your bank about why or possibly when they want to support this.

Delays can occur with both open banking solution and manual bank transfer if:

  • Payment has been stopped by your bank
  • We are waiting for information from the bank
  • We receive payment from a name or address other than that registered with us The transaction is processed by our customer control department
  • Other causes


We do not support VISA transfers as of today. This is not free of charge for the customer, as bank transfers are.

Our top tips on what to do when depositing money

  • Use our open banking solution if possible. If your bank does not support this, feel free to check with your bank if they can arrange it.
  • Please note that deposits made on Friday afternoon will take longer than those made earlier in the week. This weekend, the banks will be closed, and deposits made Friday-Sunday will probably not be received until we receive information from the banks on Tuesday.
  • Always check that deposits to a private account with us are sent from your private bank account.
  • Always check that deposits to a company account with us are sent from a company account.
  • We know how important fast deposits are for our customers, so we are now working to put in place a new payment solution that will make this even faster. Pay attention!

Our best tips on what to avoid when depositing money

  • Avoid immediate payment - Changes have been made in how information about immediate payments is made available at our bank. Due to this, most immediate payments now take longer to receive the necessary information.
  • Avoid deposits from Nordnet and credit cards - In accordance with our terms, we only allow deposits made from an account in our own name. Nordnet and many credit cards use a joint account for their customers. This means that we have to process the deposits manually, and further spend a lot of time investigating where the funds come from. This takes several days.
  • Avoid sending funds from a bank account other than your own. According to our terms, the money will be returned if this happens, and this takes several days.

Vi håper dette var nyttig for deg, og hvis du lurer på noe mer rundt dette kan du alltid contact us.

* PSD2 er en forkortelse for Second Payment Services Directive og er den nyeste versjonen av EU-direktivet som regulerer betalingstjenester i EUs indre marked. Siden Norge er medlem av EØS omfatter dette direktivet også betalingstjenester i Norge.