Fireblocks x Firi

Firi enlists new custody technology partner, Fireblocks

Norway-based cryptocurrency exchange Firi wants to make it even easier and safer for Nordic customers to trade cryptocurrencies, and has therefore chosen Fireblocks as their digital asset infrastructure.

Fireblocks is the industry standard wallet and custody technology  for digital assets and cryptocurrencies, and Firi will make special use of the platform's hot wallet infrastructure. With Fireblocks, Firi will strengthen the security of customer funds in storage and during transfer, while enabling faster and easier deposits and withdrawals. This is the only custody technology that combines the newest breakthrough in cryptography, MPC-CMP, with secure hardware enclaves (SGX), and robust workflow authorizations to protect assets from cyber attacks, internal risk and human error.

"We are excited to announce that we are now partnering up with Fireblocks. Our starting point is to use Fireblocks as our hot wallet solution, which will make the Firi platform more robust, and let us easily extend our products with solutions from Fireblocks. Protecting our customers' digital assets is the most important thing we do, and Fireblocks offers one of the world's best services for this. We look forward to using Fireblocks' products and integrations both now and in the future,” said Johan Torås Halseth, Chief Technology Officer at Firi.

“We’re honored to help Firi roll out the newest breakthroughs in digital asset custody and wallet technology to their 100,000 users,” said Michael Shaulov, CEO of Fireblocks. “Bringing together our deep expertise in security and enterprise grade technology, with Firi’s focus on safety and simplicity, is the beginning of a new standard in digital asset security and trading in Norway.” All of Firi's customers will benefit from Fireblocks at no extra cost.

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