Fees on ETH and Bitcoin

Low fees with Firi: We are halving our fee for withdrawing cryptocurrency (BTC and ETH)

We at Firi want to make it easy to invest in cryptocurrency, and to give our customers the opportunity to buy and sell cryptocurrency for a low fee. And in that vein, we have good news for our customers.We are now halving our fees for withdrawing bitcoin and ether!

How come you can withdraw cryptocurrency for such a low fee?

Because it’s not Firi that gets left with the whole fee that’s added to the transactions. Here it’s important to understand a little about how blockchain technology works, and what it is that makes cryptocurrency so safe to use.

When you transfer bitcoin or ether, you also have to pay a fee to the miners who perform the transactions. It is these miners who ensure that the transaction takes place within the framework they’re supposed to. They secure the network and currency with their computing power or position by verifying transactions. They also ensure that the correct recipient receives the transfer and that the money can only be used once.

Reward for their efforts

For the miners to see any value in doing this job, they must of course get something in return. They must be paid for their work. The sender, who in this case is Firi (on your behalf), decides how much they want to pay in fees. The miners will always prioritize those who pay the most.

When there are lots of people wanting to transfer cryptocurrency at the same time, this starts a price war and fees increase. We set our fee to find the perfect balance between price and efficiency. Currently, the miners’ fees are a bit lower than before, meaning we can lower our prices for withdrawals of bitcoin and ether to half of what they used to be.

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