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Crypto tax: This is how you change your tax report

This is how you use Firis tax calculation and enter information about crypto in your tax return.

Not sure about the rules on crypto tax? Check out this page on crypto tax, where we've gathered everything you need to know.

  1. If you trade and store crypto with Firi, you can calculate your tax using our tax calculator. You can find it in the Firi app. We give you the numbers for assets, gains, losses and income, so you can easily enter these in your tax return.
  2. Download the necessary attachments from our tax calculator.
  3. Log in to and open your tax return.
  4. Use the search field to find the card for "Other financial products and virtual currency/cryptocurrency".
  5. Open the card and click on virtual currency/cryptocurrency.
  6. Select "I want to enter summarized tax information for many virtual currencies/cryptocurrencies".

Watch this video from the Norwegian Tax Administration on how to declare cryptocurrency in your tax return.

Espen Øyan28/03/2022