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picture of calculator, ipad and pen to calculate taxes on crypto

Taxes on cryptocurrencies

How do you calculate taxes on cryptocurrencies, and what is the right percentage for profits and losses? These are important questions that pop up every year. We will try to help you with the answers.

Photo of surveillance camera

Surveillance vs. privacy in the crypto space

There is a polarization between those who argue against centralization and surveillance, and those who welcome regulation in the crypto space

Illustration tax report

Crypto tax: This is how you change your tax report

Crypto tax: Update your tax return and avoid additional tax

Illustration of nft and tax

Taxes on NFTs

Skatteetaten har publisert en veileder om skatt på NFT'er. I denne artikkelen oppsummerer vi skattereglene for deg.

Firi's crypto tax calculator

Firi launches crypto tax calculator

It's important to remember that cryptocurrency trading is taxable, and must be included in your tax return. We have done tax calculation for all customers who have traded with us in 2021.