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Happy that he dared to join the crypto space: - I have never regretted this decision

Ole sat on the fence for a long time before he dared to invest in cryptocurrency. Then, a new, safe Norwegian crypto exchange was launched.

- I have always been interested in investing my money correctly, and in recent years, we´ve all heard a lot about cryptocurrency, says Ole Jørs (27).

Jørs, who works in the Norwegian Armed Forces on a daily basis, has always been good at saving money. But he always had a desire to invest.

Preferably in cryptocurrency.

- I had been thinking about it for a while, but at the same time it seemed a bit daunting. I felt you needed a certain technological competence to understand it, says Jørs.

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- I want to join the crypto adventure

In a jungle of news and terms about cryptocurrency, it was difficult to become completely aware of the phenomenon everyone talked so much about.

- You heard success stories, but also about people who lost access to their crypto because they did not get access to the hard drive, "mining" of cryptocurrency etc.

It was not until Jørs came across the Norwegian crypto exchange Firi that he felt it was safe enough to invest. Firi is the largest and most popular trading exchange for cryptocurrencies in Norway, and wants to offer a locally adapted and secure crypto exchange for people in the Nordic region.

- It's not about getting rich on cryptocurrency, but more that you want to keep up when something so new and special happens, says Jørs, and adds:

- But then you want something you trust. Something that is safe and that you understand.

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