New payment solution with Open Banking

Firi launches Open Banking

Firi wants to make it easier to buy cryptocurrency. Therefore, we have now launched a new payment solution for quickly crediting bank deposits by using an Open Banking solution provided by Neonomics. Open Banking means that deposits can now be credited faster, in addition to the payment also being made on our platform. A much better user experience for our customers!

We are excited to be one of the first companies in Norway to use open banking for payment!

Register with Vipps here to invest in cryptocurrency and use open banking.

What is Open Banking?

Open banking is a way to allow third parties to access bank data using open APIs, which makes it possible to gather information from several banks in one place. This may sound scary, but it does make personal finances easier.

Think, for example, of Vipps. Vipps uses open banking to transfer money quickly between users. You can also use Vipps to register and open an account with us – have you tried it?

Safe and easy

Security and user-friendliness are our most important focus areas. Our goal is for Firi to be the best gateway to cryptocurrency for the Norwegian market.

Signing up with Vipps was an important step in this direction, and made signing up a much easier experience. Now we have done the same with payment. With Open Banking, it is quick and easy to make your first bank deposit!

How does the solution work?

With our old payment solution, customers had to log into their own online bank and carry out a manual bank transfer to our account number. This transfer then had to be confirmed with Firi.

With our new solution, this has completely changed! Now you can make the payment directly on our platform, without having to visit your online bank.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Select the bank you want to make your payment from.
  2. Give access to the account you want to pay from with BankID.
  3. Enter the amount and sign for the payment with BankID.

Once this is done, you will be able to see that the payment is on its way to the deposit page. You get a full overview of which payments have been sent, also the ones that have not yet been credited. This procedure is safer and provides a better overview than previously.

How long does the payment take?

With this new solution, we receive credited deposits faster than before, usually within one working day. And faster processing means that you can get started investing in crypto quicker. Payments sent in the evening, on weekends and on public holidays will now usually be credited the morning after the following working day. You find more information about the processing time for transactions here.

Who can use Open Banking?

The payment solution from Neonomics supports most Norwegian banks, but there are some exceptions. Customers who want to make a deposit with this payment solution from a bank we do not support, can make a regular bank transfer as before.

Do you have feedback?

This is a brand-new solution that we offer. As this is a brand-new solution, we really appreciate feedback from the customers who use it. You can contact us here.

It is very important for us to have a good dialogue with customers in order to provide you with the functionality and products you require. Input from our customers made us choose to prioritize integration with Open Banking. To buy cryptocurrency with Firi and use Open Banking, please register here.

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