Fees on Firi's crypto exchange

Updated: July 22 2022 - 13:00 (GMT+1)

Get started with crypto and Firi

These are the fees at Firi. To get started with crypto is both secure, easy and affordable.

Create an account at FiriFree
Deposit from bank accountFree
Receive cryptocurrency from another exchange/walletFree
Membership at Firi FordelFree
Tax calculationFree

Log in safely and easily here or in the Firi app to manage your cryptocurrencies.

Deposit of Norwegian and Danish kroner to a Firi account

It is free to deposit Norwegian or Danish kroner to a Firi account by bank transfer or Open Banking. A deposit through Vipps, MobilePay or card requires a small fee, which will be added to the total amount of your deposit.

Important! We do not accept credit cards.

ActionFeeMinimum deposit
Deposit by bank transferFree11 kroner (NO) / 15 kroner (DK)
Deposit by Open BankingFree11 kroner (NO) / 15 kroner (DK)
Deposit by Vipps (NO)3,9%100 kroner
Deposit by MobilePay (DK)3,9%100 kroner
Deposit by card 3,9%100 kroner

How long does it take to receive the deposit?

Deposits through Vipps, MobilePay or card will appear in your Firi account in seconds.

Bank deposits made with a payment solution from Neonomics will usually be received within one working day. Most Norwegian and Danish banks supports this payment solution, but there are some exceptions. Customers who want to make a deposit from a bank which do not support this payment solution can make a regular bank transfer, or use Vipps/MobilePay or card.

Deposits from a personal bank account via online banking works for all Danish and Norwegian banks. Deposits made via online banking will usually arrive at your Firi account within 1-2 working days.

In some cases, bank deposits will have a longer processing time than normal. This may be due to a lack of necessary information about the transaction from the bank, that the transaction must be processed by our customer control department, or other reasons.

You can only make bank deposits from a Norwegian/Danish account registered in your name and address. If we receive a payment from another name or with the wrong address, there will be delays and often we will have to return the payment.

We have no guarantee regarding the processing time of bank deposits, but we do our utmost to credit deposits as quickly as possible.

You can easily get started with deposits by signing up here.

Trading on the exchange and withdrawals to a bank account

Firi takes a fee to complete a trade on the exchange. You will also have to pay a small fee to complete withdrawals.

Trade (buy and sell)0,7%Also applies to purchases with Kryptosparing (crypto saving)
Withdrawal to bank account45 NOKThe minimum withdrawal is 500 NOK

You can withdraw NOK, DKK and cryptocurrency of up to NOK/DKK 300,000 in value per 24 hours.

Note that you can only make bank withdrawals to a Norwegian/Danish bank account registered in your name and address. Bank withdrawals are processed continuously throughout the day and sent as domestic bank transfer.

Send/transfer cryptocurrency to another wallet

Our fees for sending, transferring or withdrawing cryptocurrency is set to find the perfect balance between the price the customer has to pay and the efficiency of the transfer.

CryptocurrencyFeeMinimum withdrawal
Bitcoin (BTC)0,00025 BTC0,001 BTC
Ethereum (ETH)0,005 ETH0,01 ETH
Litecoin (LTC)0,005 LTC0,02 LTC
Cardano (ADA)2,0 ADA20 ADA
Polkadot (DOT)0,1 DOT2 DOT
Solana (SOL)0,1 SOL1 SOL

You can send, ie withdraw, NOK/DKK and cryptocurrency of up to 300 000 NOK in value per 24 hours. Also note the minimum withdrawal.

Withdrawals of cryptocurrencies are usually completed as soon as the user confirms the withdrawal. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for withdrawals of larger amounts, as we have to handle the withdrawal manually for safety reasons.

Deposit of cryptocurrency

It is free to make a deposit, ie to receive, cryptocurrency to your Firi account.

Deposit of cryptocurrencyFree

Please be aware that in times of heavy network traffic, it may take time to receive bitcoin and litecoin. Unfortunately, this is something we can not control.

Recovery of cryptocurrency

Recovery of cryptocurrency2000 NOK

Be careful when making cryptocurrency deposits. If a cryptocurrency recovery is needed, Firi may, in certain cases and at its sole discretion, try to assist you with the recovery. We charge a fixed fee of 2000 kroner.


In some countries there are laws or regulations that require reporting of cryptocurrencies to the authorities. Firi does not take responsibility for reporting this to the authorities, the user is responsible for reporting this in their own tax return. Therefore, Firi does not take responsibility if users of Firi receive fines or imprisonment for failing to report this to the authorities.