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How to buy Bitcoin (BTC)

Bitcoin is the name of Bitcoin's protocol. When we talk about Bitcoin's cryptocurrency, it is referred to as bitcoin (with small b) or BTC. In this article, we will show you the different ways you can buy bitcoin at Firi.

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Create an account with Firi

To trade bitcoin with Firi, you must first complete 3 easy steps.

1. Create a Firi account

Before you can buy BTC, you need to create a Firi account with your email or Vipps.

Create an account and get started here.

2. Verify your account

To be able to shop on Firi, you need to verify your account. You do this easily by connecting to your BankID and completing a simple customer control form.

3.Make a deposit or buy crypto with Vipps/MobilePay or bank card.

To be able to buy BTC via Firi, you must make a deposit in NOK. After you have made a deposit, you can easily use NOK to buy BTC via Firi.

How to make a deposit on Firi?

There are 2 alternative ways to make a deposit on Firi. You can either make a deposit via Firi automatically by connecting to your online bank, or by transferring money manually to an account number.

Deposit cash at Firi

Whether you want to make a deposit manually or automatically, you must first navigate to the deposit page.

On the Firi app, you will find the page for deposits under the Overview tab, and the tapping Deposit money. If you use Firi on a web browser, you will find the Deposit page under the Main Account tab.

Option 1: Make a deposit automatically without using online banking

  • Click on Deposit money.
  • Enter the bank you want to pay from in the search field.
  • Grant access to the account you want to pay from with BankID.
  • Enter the amount and sign for the payment with BankID.

Option 2: Make a manual transfer via your online bank.

  • Click on Deposit money.
  • Click on Manual transfer.
  • Use the designated account number and messages to make a manual deposit.
  • Log into your online bank and transfer the amount you want to deposit with Firi.

Processing deposits usually takes 1-3 business days.

How to buy BTC on Firi

To buy Bitcoin at Firi, you have two options. One is to deposit money via bank deposit and then buy. The other is to buy directly with Vipps or a bank card. Furthermore, when you trade you will get the best available price of BTC at the time you trade (market order). However, if you wish, you can enter buy orders at specific prices in advanced trading. We will return to that later in the article. Advanced trading is only available via browser.

Buy BTC via "Trade" (Handel)

How to make a purchase via Trade:

  1. Log into Firi and click on the Trade tab.
  2. Select the tab that says Buy or Buy crypto.
  3. Select BTC as the cryptocurrency in the bottom field.
  4. Enter the amount of NOK you want to buy BTC for.
  5. Click on Preview Purchase.

Buy BTC manually via Advanced Trade

How to make a purchase via Advanced Trading:

  1. Log into Firi and click on Advanced Trading on the left side of the Firi dashboard.
  2. Make sure the market you select in the top left corner is set to BTCNOK.
  3. Navigate to the box where it says Buy BTC.
  4. Enter the amount of BTC you want to buy in Amount field.
  5. Enter the price you want to pay per BTC in the Price field.
  6. Click on BUY BTC.
  7. When the price on the market matches the order you have placed, the purchase is automatically executed.

If you have followed these steps, you are now the proud owner of Bitcoins cryptocurrency BTC. You can view the balance of your BTC-wallet and other relevant information by clicking on Main Account in the Firi dashboard.

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