Firi Reward

Welcome to Firi Reward

Our loyalty program gives you the opportunity to earn rewards in various cryptocurrencies, merch, recruit friends and earn bitcoin and several other exciting benefits.

Firi Reward is completely free of charge for all of our customers, and you are automatically included in the loyalty program when you register with us.

Recruit a friend

You can earn referral bonus for up to 50 friends each year with Firi Reward. You receive NOK 100 in bitcoin for each person you recruit to Firi who verifies their account with BankID. The person you recruit also gets the opportunity to earn rewards, and their first reward when opening their account with Firi is 55 Norwegian kroner.

Referral bonus will be paid at the beginning of every month.

Do you want to recruit over 50 people? Apply to become a Firi ambassador!

Earn rewards

With Firi Reward, you can earn rewards as you reach various milestones in your cryptocurrency journey with us.

For example, you earn ethereum when you deposit Norwegian kroner into your Firi account for the first time and cardano when you buy your first cryptocurrency.

We are constantly launching new rewards, so stay tuned and check the Firi app!

Terms of Firi Reward

The purpose of the loyalty program is to inspire people to become interested in the future of finance and investment. You will find terms for Firi Reward here.

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