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You can register with Vipps here: https://platform.firi.com/

Or register with username and password here: https://platform.firi.com/signup/

Follow the further instructions.

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Two-factor authentication (2FA), or two-step verification, is an extra layer of security in addition to passwords when you log in to various platforms.

The most well-known two-factor authentication in Norway is BankID. Here you enter both username and password, but you must also use a password calculator or your phone. It takes two factors to log in - something you remember (a password or code) and something you have (a phone, computer, password calculator or similar).

If you choose to register with MiraiEx by username and password, you must also use 2FA. In this case, you need an app that generates 2FA-codes, such as Google Authenticator or Authy.

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Hvis du ikke lenger har tilgang til telefon eller annen enhet du bruker til tofaktorautentisering, ta kontakt med oss på chat eller support@firi.com og forklar situasjonen.

Vi gir deg så informasjon om hvordan du går frem for å få tilgang til din konto.

- A password should have at least 12 characters. Firi requires 14 characters for extra security

- Use both lowercase and uppercase letters in the password

- Use numbers and special symbols in the password

- Do not use personal information in the password

- Remember to keep different passwords on different accounts

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If you are registered with Vipps, you do not have a username and password. You also do not have the option to log in with 2FA.

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We collect all information from Vipps and BankID.

To change this information, we recommend that you contact your bank and update your BankID. Once you have updated your BankID, you can reverify your MiraiEx account, and your profile will be updated automatically.

To close your account, please contact us in our chat or support@firi.com

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