Sign up with Vipps and invest in crypto

Sign up with Vipps and invest in crypto

You can now register and log in to Firi using Vipps. Buying cryptocurrencies has never been faster and easier!

Investing in cryptocurrency with Vipps and BankID

Creating an account with Firi is done in two short steps:

  1. Register with Vipps in the Firi app or on our website
  2. Secure your account and verify your identity with BankID

Register with Vipps

The first thing you do when you create an account with Firi is to sign up with Vipps. We get all the information we need from your profile at Vipps, and you do not have to fill in information yourself or to verify your email.

Make safe investments in cryptocurrency by using BankID

You should always be sure that you and your funds are safe when you use Firi. We use BankID as a two-factor authentication solution, in other words an extra layer of security, when you register with us.

Step two when you create an account with Firi is to fill in the form for customer control. We are required to collect this information in order to comply with the money laundering law. Finally, you sign this form with BankID.

When you sign a customer control form, we also verify your identity and link your BankID to your account with us. Critical functions for your account, such as withdrawals, will then be secured with BankID instead of the traditional two-factor code.

* We require all of our customers to turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) to secure their account. This is something that is completely new to many and we have received a number of questions regarding this. We are now going away from the traditional two-factor code, and instead use BankID as a two-factor authentication solution.

Choose between username and password and Vipps

If you want to use your username and password when you register and log in, you can of course do so. If you do, it is important to keep in mind that you must also use a traditional two-factor authentication solution. We will therefore not remove the traditional two-factor authentication completely, and will facilitate more freedom of choice to which solution you want to secure your account with. This means that customers who do not have Vipps can also use our services in the future.

Our goal for Firi and our customers

Our goal is to deliver the easiest and safest solution for people in Norway who want to invest in cryptocurrency. We want to make it as easy to trade cryptocurrency as it is to invest in stocks and mutual funds.

We believe that this upgrade to Vipps login is a big step in the right direction when it comes to getting started with cryptocurrency and our platform. The next step is to make the process of trading even better.

Thank you to all our customers who have provided us valuable feedback on the way. We hope you will continue to do so, it is because of this that we can continue to improve! Feel free to contact us using our support chat, e-mail or via our social media.

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