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Firi has finally launched a crypto exchange

We have finally launched a crypto exchange in Norway!

Firi is a crypto exchange that was started by a group of technologists who wanted to build something big together. What started as a side project by a group with a background in programming, has grown to become a versatile team of designers, marketers and business developers.

The founders of the company have experience in programming and development with a focus on privacy and security, and parts of the team have worked with blockchain since 2013. It is precisely this knowledge Firi wants to keep focusing on, by offering a safe place for trading bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Norwegian kroner.

Update January 2022

Fast forward five years, and a lot has happened. What started as a side project by a group interested in new technology, has grown to become a versatile team of designers, marketers and business developers. The company has been given a new name, a fresher look, and taken on the role of the largest platform in buying and selling cryptocurrencies in Norway.

And the journey is far from over. We are investing heavily in further growth and aim to reach 500,000 users during 2022. By offering a safe place to trade bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with Norwegian kroner, we want to dispel many of the myths surrounding crypto and blockchain technology.

Planning to expand to the Nordics

Currently, it is only possible for customers with Norwegian BankID to open an account with Firi. However, the company will soon welcome foreign customers to the platform.

- Initially, we want to make cryptocurrency easy and accessible for Norwegian customers, but we also plan to expand the horizon over time. There are great opportunities in other markets, and we have concrete plans for expansion to Sweden and Denmark during 2022, says Chief Operating Officer Marius Blaker Høgevold.

Interest in cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in recent years and Firi expects this trend to continue in the Scandinavian countries.

- We believe that over 600,000 Norwegians will have invested in cryptocurrency by the end of next year and there is also great interest in Sweden and Denmark. We naturally want to take a larger share of the market, and the ambition is to have 500,000 customers in Scandinavia during 2022, Høgevold concludes.

It is important to trade safely

We have placed great emphasis on security and user-friendliness, and it should therefore be easy to create a secure account with Firi. We use two-factor authentication to secure login and BankID for verification of identity.

We want to be a Norwegian springboard for new technology, and will initially build a crypto exchange that you can trust. In the long run, we aim to expand to become a full-fledged ecosystem with services and applications in both the customer and corporate markets.

Follow us on our journey

On our blog, we will update you on what we do on a regular basis, such as when we open for trading new coins or launch new services. We will also write about topics that we think are interesting, such as cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and security.

In order to offer the best possible value to our users, we depend on feedback. We encourage those who have something on their mind to come with both negative and positive feedback, and possibly what you want to read more about in the future. Contact us in Firi!

Thuc Hoang23/01/2021