Become a Firi Ambassador

Become a Firi Ambassador

The crypto community is unique. There is strong unity, a lot of activity and new contacts and friendships are constantly made. We at Firi work to make everyone feel welcome and included in the crypto world and we want the financial opportunities of the future to be accessible to absolutely everyone.

We at Firi are looking for people who share our passion, who are already spreading the joy of cryptocurrency by sharing knowledge and who want to work with us to make crypto more accessible to most people.

As an ambassador for Firi, you can invite as many friends and acquaintances as you wish to Firi, and you will receive a referral bonus for these referrals. In addition, you will get the opportunity to choose your own referral code.

Who should apply to become a Firi Ambassador?

If you invite over 50 people a year to Firi, then you should consider applying to become an ambassador.

You are the perfect Firi ambassador if you are passionate about crypto and blockchain technology, and if you want to share your passion with absolutely everyone. Our ambassadors must use and enjoy using our platform.

How do I get started as a Firi Ambassador?

  1. You have referred 50 people to Firi this year. If you have not invited 50 people yet, do not despair - You can still get a referral bonus by sharing your referral link.
  2. Apply to become a Firi ambassador
  3. We will contact you directly if you are a good candidate.

What we expect from our ambassadors:

  • That you are a genuine Firi fan, use our platform and that you want to recommend Firi to others.
  • You need to show commitment to crypto in your channels. It is an advantage if you have good reach and are active on your social media.
  • We require that you follow our, and Norwegian, laws and regulations for marketing.
  • You must be sincere and credible in your portrayal of cryptocurrency and Firi. Investing in cryptocurrency involves risk, and although this is what makes crypto exciting for many, it is also important to be completely transparent about the risk.
  • You must be over 18 years old.

You must approve and comply with our terms for Firi Fordel and Firi ambassadors.

Collaborate with us!

If you want to enter into a partnership with us, you can apply to become a Firi ambassador here. We will contact you directly if you are a candidate.