Thuc Hoang (CEO) og Marius Blaker Høgevold (COO) (Foto av Øyvind Fjørtoft)

The cryptocurrency exchange MiraiEx will become Firi and will expand in the Nordic region


How to invest in cryptocurrencies

- Since the start in 2017, more than 100,000 Norwegians have invested in cryptocurrency through our platform and we are now ready to take the next step. Many have noticed that crypto can be an important part of the long-term savings plan and we expect that growth will continue in the coming years. By changing the name to Firi, we symbolize our Norwegian roots when we expand and offer safe and easy savings throughout the Nordic region, says CEO Thuc Hoang in Firi.

Will make it easier to sell and buy crypto in Norway

- Firi has an ambition to make cryptocurrency trading easier for Norwegians. To date, cryptocurrencies worth more than NOK 5 billion have been traded through the platform. Firi is now also launching a solution where customers can create automatic withdrawals from the online bank that are transferred to cryptocurrency, similar to the way hundreds of thousands of Norwegians have monthly withdrawals from savings accounts to equity funds. Only BankID is required to register.

- As one of Norway's fastest growing companies, we want to offer the country's safest, simplest and most inclusive service for buying and selling digital currency. Then it fits better with a simple, solid and Norwegian name like Firi, which means "lighthouse" on Norrøn. It is important that we light up the northerners' interest and knowledge of cryptocurrency, says Hoang.

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Planning expansion to the Nordics

- Currently, it is only possible for customers with Norwegian BankID to open an account with Firi. However, the company will soon welcome foreign customers to the platform.

- Initially, we want to make cryptocurrency easy and accessible for Norwegian customers, but we also plan to expand the horizon over time. There are great opportunities in other markets, and we have concrete plans for expansion to Sweden and Denmark during 2022, says operations director Marius Blaker Høgevold.

Interest in cryptocurrency has skyrocketed in recent years and Firi expects this trend to continue in the Scandinavian countries.

- We believe that over 600,000 Norwegians will have invested in cryptocurrency by the end of next year and there is also great interest in Sweden and Denmark. We naturally want to take a larger share of the market, and the ambition is to have 500,000 customers in Scandinavia during 2022, Høgevold concludes.

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