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BLNO changes name to Firi League


This year, the top league in Norwegian basketball, BLNO, is changing its name to the Firi League. The Firi League starts at the end of September and matches will be broadcast live on TV 2. Read more about who we are and what Firi stands for.

Earlier this year, the Norwegian Basketball Association (NBBF) announced a sponsorship deal with the Nordic region’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, MiraiEx. Now that the company is changing its name to Firi, the top basketball league for men’s and women’s teams in Norway will also be changing its name to the Firi League.

“Today, Firi and the Norwegian Basketball Association are writing history. We are proud to be the first sponsor with naming rights for the top league in Norway, and we look forward to supporting Norwegian basketball and being involved in developing the sport,” says Firi’s Director of Operations, Marius Blaker Høgevold.

BLNO has been the name of the top league for both the women’s and men’s editions in Norway for over 20 years. Firi will sponsor the league for at least one year, and has bought the naming rights to the league as part of the sponsorship package. Firi also has the option of extending the agreement through to the 2023/2024 season.

“It’s important for us that our partners share our values of inclusion and commitment, and the Firi League is a true symbol of this. Now, we are working together to create previously unimaginable opportunities in Norway, both in the crypto community and basketball,” says Høgevold.

The agreement will allow the league to take the next steps towards being a fully professional league, at the same time making it more attractive and easier for the public to follow Norwegian basketball. The launch of the Firi League coincides with the start of the Association’s agreement with TV 2. The first matches in the Firi League will be broadcast on the channel from the end of September.

Secretary General of the Norwegian Basketball Association, Espen A. Johansen, is also expecting great things from the new agreement.

“The agreement with Firi means that we can invest even more in creating a good and attractive product. It’s perfect timing because we are also going to be broadcasting our sport on national TV,” he says.

Director of Sports for the Basketball Association, Brent Hackman, is also a very happy man.

“We hope that this will have ripple effects that make it even more attractive to play basketball in the Firi League, and that we will also have a stronger league in terms of sports in just a short time,” says Brent.

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