Man saving in crypto with Firi

Saves for retirement in cryptocurrency: - Creates excitement and security

Professional driver Roger (55) saves for retirement in both funds, shares and cryptocurrency, and admits that it is the latter that engages the most. - Saving in crypto creates excitement in everyday life, and at the same time provides security for the future, says the man from Ålesund.

Firi offers the product Crypto Saving. Here you can read more about this.

Despite the fact that it is over ten years until Roger (on the right in the picture above) is retired, he has already semi-started his retirement life on a motorhome trip in Hardanger with his wife, brother and sister-in-law.

- My dream is to continue with exactly this when I retire. To be able to enjoy myself and live life without having to think about money. I also have a grandson I want to spoil, and hope there will be more grandchildren with time, says the grandfather.

A comfortable retirement with Firi

To achieve his retirement dream, Roger has invested in cryptocurrency, something he became interested in when his son introduced him to it several years ago. He admits that in the beginning he did not have much control over his own investments.

- It was my son who had control of my investments at the time, but this changed when Firi, a Norwegian trading platform for cryptocurrency, was launched and I moved my funds there. I chose Firi first and foremost because it is a Norwegian company that is registered with “The Financial Supervisory Authority Of Norway”, which makes it feel very safe.

Furthermore, Roger says that it is a great advantage that Firi has a user-friendly app that makes it easy to be a cryptocurrency investor.

- Now I can just open the app and see how my investment is doing. I buy some crypto if I feel like it, and sell if I feel it's right. Everything is so simple and straightforward. Even my parents of 82 and 86 years use Firi and have bought both bitcoin and ethereum. They check the status every single day, and cryptocurrency has become a common topic of conversation during coffee visits.

Recruits his brother

Roger's brother, Frank (60), has also long considered buying cryptocurrency, and now thinks it's time to jump into it. He has just received a referral link from Roger, and is in the process of registering on Firi with Vipps.

- Better late than never! I have heard a lot of positive things about Firi from both family and friends, and now I want to try for myself, he says.

Firi's recruitment program allows Frank to test out cryptocurrencies without having to invest anything himself. He can earn bonuses up to 200 NOK in various cryptocurrencies, at the same time as Roger earns 100 NOK in bitcoin by recruiting him.

- As a beginner, it is nice to be able to test cryptocurrency in a secure way without risking losing anything. But remember, Frank, do not invest more than you can afford to lose, Roger says to his brother.

Roger himself has had a good return, but he is fully aware that investing in cryptocurrency involves high risk.

- Saving in crypto creates excitement in everyday life, at the same time as it provides security with the future in mind. I would not have invested in cryptocurrency if I do not believe that it will go up, he concludes.

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