nye kryptoinnskudd

Important information about crypto deposit addresses


Dear Firi customer,

(This applies only to those of you who have done a crypto deposit to your Firi account. If you have never done this, you can look away from this message)

Your crypto deposit addresses (wallet addresses) at Firi have or will change in the coming days. We therefore ask you to check your address carefully before making crypto deposits from now on.

Your old addresses will still be active for a while, but you should be aware that if you send crypto to an old address, it may take longer before you receive the funds. For the best Firi experience, we recommend that you change your addresses now if you have saved them at other exchanges or in external wallets, or if you mine crypto.

You can find your new addresses in the Firi app when you select Receive crypto and then choose which crypto you want to see. On web, you can find the address when you click on Transfers, Receive crypto and then select "show address" for the various cryptocurrencies.

Why you have been given new addresses

The reason for the new addresses is that we have slowly but surely moved parts of our blockchain infrastructure over to Fireblocks, which is a cryptocurrency security platform. Therefore, you as a customer also get new addresses.

This change means that we have further strengthened our security, both for storage and transfer of cryptocurrency. At the same time, deposits and withdrawals will be much faster and easier to do.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.