gruppebilde av Firi teamet

Firi (formerly MiraiEx) is in Shifter

Øyvind Kvanes23/01/2021

This week we've been to Shifter. Increased interest in cryptocurrencies also leads to increased publicity for us, and when we work as hard as we do, it is good to see that cryptocurrencies become more roomy as an investment object.

It's fun to be able to talk a little about the journey we've had. It has not just been just getting to where we are today, and we are far from at the finish line. Being able to share our enthusiasm around cryptocurrency and blockchain technology with a new audience is exciting, and we get to show ourselves as the serious player we are.

From the first night we sat and discussed cryptocurrency on Slack until today, via legislative changes and all the myths surrounding cryptocurrency, we have learned an incredible amount. We talk a bit about the challenges we had in 2018 with both the GDPR and the Money Laundering Act. We also tell a little about the way forward, how the stock market works and the market in general.

Read the article here and Feel free to contact us and tell us what you think.