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Savings plan

With Kryptosparing you can create a savings account in our app, where you choose between either setting up automatic withdrawals from your online bank, making individual transfers or transferring internally from your main account on Firi to your savings account.

When you set up automatic withdrawals from your online bank, you choose which amount you want to save in, whether you want to withdraw daily, weekly or monthly, and in which cryptocurrencies you want to save.

The amount deducted from your account is in Norwegian kroner, and an automatic purchase is then made of the cryptocurrencies you want to save in. We exchange at our market's best price.

The minimum amount for the savings plan is NOK 10 for each one of the different cryptocurrencies you choose to save in, and NOK 100 in total.

For example, if you want to save in both bitcoin, ethereum and cardano, the distribution could look like this:

Bitcoin: At least NOK 30
Ethereum: At least NOK 30
Cardano: At least NOK 40

On the other hand, if you only want to save in bitcoin, for example, the minimum amount is still NOK 100.

You set up how much you want to save in which cryptocurrency under Distribution when you set up a savings plan with us.

Sums under NOK 10 will not be exchanged, but will be added to your next deposit to the savings account.

For example, if you have chosen to save NOK 60 in bitcoin, NOK 60 in ethereum and NOK 5 in cardano, then you will not be able to automatically buy cardano until the next deposit above NOK 10.

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