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Affiliate program

Sist oppdatert: 16. september 2021 - 12:30 (GMT+1)

These are the terms of our referral- and affiliate program ("affiliate program"). These terms regulate the relationship between you ("user") and Mirai Technologies AS ("the company"). By referring customers and promoting us through our affiliate program, you confirm that you have read and accepted our current terms and conditions for the affiliate program.

The purpose of our affiliate program is to reward the recruitment of new customers to Firi (former MiraiEx). You will find the current rates for the program on this page. The company reserves the right to change the terms and rates at a short notice.

1. Current rates

Rates as of 1.11.2020

100 NOK paid in bitcoin for each customer who verifies their account.

Customers referredCommission
1 - 55% commission
6 - 107% commission
11 - 209% commission
21 - 5011% commission
51 - 10013% commission
101 - 20015% commission
Over 20020% commission

We pay commission on profits from trading fees a referred person pays. We count the total amount of customers you have referred since you created your account. For the first five customers we pay 5% commission, for the next five we pay 7%, etc.

If you have recruited customers before 1. November 2020 with a different rate, this rate is still applicable to those customers.

2. About the program

2.1. How to get started

  1. Create an account at our platform.

  1. Verifiy your account with BankID and fill out the KYC form.

  1. Find your referral code and link at the affiliate page.

  1. Share your link with friends and familiy and earn bonus when they sign up to Firi!

2.2. Referral

An "referral" is a natural person who has signed up at Firi using a referral code and completed account registration. That is, the person has verified their account using BankID and filled out our KYC form. The person is regarded as referred by the owner of the referral code which was used at registration. We do not pay referral commision for business account even if a referral code is used.

2.3. Referral code

A referral code is a code used when signing up on Firi and can be entered when registering, as long as a referral link has not been used before. When using a referral link, the person signing up will automatically use the code behind the "referral", and does not have the opportunity to change the code, unless visiting Firi again via another link.

2.4. Referral link

A referral link is a unique link that is used to register who has referrad a customer to Firi. You can find your referral link on the affiliate page when you are logged in. When people visit us using this link, a cookie is set which cause them to use your referral code when registering. It is the last link that applies, that is, the code from the last link that a person used before registration decides which referrer to associate with the account.

3. Bonus and payments

3.1. Referral bonus

We pay a referral bonus for every person you refer to Firi provided they verify their account with BankID. You can find the current referral bonus in part 1 of these terms.

3.2. Referral commision

We pay commission on profits from trading fees a referred person pays. We will continue to pay this as long as the referred person uses their account with us, and you as a recruiter have an active user account with us.

There is no upper or lower lower limit on how much money you can earn in commissions. The commission is paid out in the same currency in which the trading fees are paid, meaning that one can receive payment in both cryptocurrency and Norwegian kroner.

3.3. Welcome Bonus

People you refer will also receive a bonus when they sign up at Firi. The amount of bonus we pay as a welcome bonus to people you recruit, will be found on the bonus program page. The purpose of the welcome bonus is to allow people to test out the platform before they actually make a deposit.

3.4. Payment

Payment of referral commision and referral bonus is made monthly. At the beginning of each month, you will receive payouts of commision and referral bonuses you earned the previous month. Payments will be made to your account at Firi. If you wish to make withdrawals from Firi to your bank account or cryptocurrency wallet, our fees and withdrawal limits apply.

4. General

4.1. Using the referral link

You can basically post your referral link where you want, such as on your own blog, website or social media, as long as it is not in breach of these terms. It is not allowed to let other people promote your referral link. We do not allow the use of the referral link in a way that is perceived as spam or troublesome behavior.

The referral link shall not be posted in places where posting of such advertising is not permitted. We do not allow the use of the referral link together with misleading information, guarantees of profit and the similar claims.

It is not allowed to pay people to sign up with your referral link or to use the referral link as part of a competition or lottery.

Feel free to contact us at affiliate@firi.com if you are unsure whether your use of the referral link is ok.

4.2. Labeling of content

It is important that in content written about us in blog posts and articles, mention that buying and selling cryptocurrencies includes high risk. Readers should be informed that historical return rate is never a guarantee for future return rate, and that users have to be 18 years or older to create and account. Articles and content posted about us must be marked as advertisement if the referral link is used.

4.3 Marketing material

You can find images that can be used to promote Firi here. If you want to produce your own graphic material to promote us, you are welcome to do so. We ask that you contact us at affiliate@firi.com so that we can review and see that it fits with our branding and marketing guidelines.

5. General Terms and Conditions

5.1 Termination of user account

Violation of these terms or our terms of service may lead to the closure of your account with us, see our terms of service for more information about termination of a user account.

When a user account is closed, the affiliate program for the user is also terminated. Amounts earned by the user until the closing of the account will still be paid, as long as the earnings have been made in accordance with these terms and our general terms of service. The amount will be paid by exchanging all bonuses to NOK and paying them to the user's bank account in a single payment.

5.2 Change of terms

The company reserves the right to change the terms and rates of the affiliate program at short notice. Feel free to contact affiliate@firi.com if you have any questions.

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